They forgot to tell me some things…

My child gets older. Way of 21 months is already forging his personality.
He is a very cheerful and very active child. His father and I agree that he has brought out the best and the worst of our genes.
However, since I knew I was going to have a child, I assumed things I should never have done and now I am paying the consequences. I explain:

They told me that the tantrums started at 2 years old. However, we have been dealing with them for a long time. And when I say tantrums, I mean full-blown tantrums, of the potato ones on the ground. He caught me off guard.

They also told me that “children love their mothers more” and show them a lot of love, however, Ares only hugs me when he is sick and never more than 30 seconds in a row. When I ask for a kiss, he offers me his forehead or even gives me a header. Now, when I ask him to kiss one of his friends or one of his toys, he extends his lips so that the rest of the body follows him as if he were self-propelled.

So far any child shook my hand without problems, but no one explained to me that my son WOULD NOT DO it and that walking with him for a journey of 100 meters would become an endless adventure. Climb all the steps, steps, curbs and various elevations found along the way. If I ask you not to enter a store, then enter. If I ask you not to climb a ladder, then go up. Most of the time he ignores me or looks at me, laughs, and ignores me (in this order).

I wanted him to be a communicative child but nobody told me that I would start talking so soon and that I would do it as much or more than myself. Talks up a storm. A lot. Don’t shut up Sometimes we don’t understand him and I feel frustrated but I try to get iron from him by changing the subject and hiding by making him see that I understand him perfectly.

Nobody told me that babies also use their weapons and put emotional intelligence into practice at professional levels. He loves to make the clown and make funny faces but very especially when I scold him and put on the face of a few friends. It makes us laugh. A lot. And sometimes I can hardly laugh at critical moments.

I love to see how he acquires his own personality, but when he says “no, no, no”, while shaking his head and reaffirming with his index finger, it is when I start to puff and lose my patience. We have spent about 3 months learning to say “yes”, but their “no” is always much more resounding.

I thought that children obeyed their parents to a lesser or greater extent. But this is not so. We have tried to:

  1. Explain things
  2. Throw a “no” as resounding as yours

But nothing works.

When he likes an object he takes it without more, no matter if it is something dirty, dangerous or delicate and his main purpose is to throw it to the ground with all his strength and watch it see what happens. If nothing happens, he will repeat it without limit.

When his father and I have a conversation about those interesting ones, he won’t stop calling us “mama” and “papa” until we answer him and if we don’t he will shout until our eardrums are completely soundproofed. Obviously, when we pay attention, he will shut up. Because yes, he always wants to be the center of attention.
Your name will be learned quickly and then repeated to satiety if you ignore it when he demands it (his nursery teacher has it fried).

And so, without realizing it, it’s how Ares is ceasing to be a baby to become a little person who understands and communicates as best he can. And what’s more surprising, I see myself doing things as a mother that I always said I wouldn’t do. But the fault is not mine, but of all those people who forgot to tell me so many things…