The adventure of traveling with children and family

When Albert and I set out to take Ares de Luna de Mie l, many people told us that we would not enjoy it as such. We, however, were tortured to think about taking such a long trip and being so many days in a row without seeing him (since he was born, he hasn’t been without us for more than 2 days in a row), so we don’t think twice.

I have been very traveling and I hope to continue being so. Traveling is for me the door to a world of knowledge. Every experience, every adventure, and every destination has offered me stories that I can never forget and although now it becomes more complicated because of my personal situation, I hope to continue doing it with my family for many more years.

The first thing was to decide the duration and the destination. We think that traveling with the baby, 2 weeks might be enough. We did not want to risk being the first time and we wanted to be cautious. And destiny had to have the following premises:

  • A maximum of 12 hours of flight (counting stopovers)
  • Warm weather
  • No need to give mandatory vaccinations
  • A politically peaceful territory and no relevant social conflicts
  • A country small enough and little exploited tourist talking to visit in one slice in an approximate time of one week but exotic and culturally very different from our surroundings to be able to disconnect from our roots.

Although it was not essential, (and this was more my thing) I wanted to end up in a heavenly place, with white sand, turquoise beaches, and coconut trees. I spent a lot of stress during the wedding preparations and that was my “whim”. I deserved it!

And that’s how we decided unanimously to make a combination between Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Our main concern at all times was only and exclusively two issues that I could not get out of my head:

  1. Plane: we took 2 planes of 6 and 5 hours respectively. And as you well know, Ares is a child who does not sleep easily and far from the pull, etc.
  2. Diseases: not only to be able to catch a virus transmitted by an uncomfortable mosquito, but a simple cold, which could be complicated by bronchitis, or a silly fall that caused an open wound …

And so, without thinking much more, we prepared our gear and went on vacation.
We were very lucky because although the flight was hard, we got the hours to pass faster than I could have imagined and to sleep for about half the way.
And the rest of the trip was sewing and singing.
Now we are ready for the next destination. Nothing will stop us!

What is the most difficult trip you have made with your kids?