Seven best mobile services for women by 100appsnow Team

Friends from prepared a selection for us the most exciting and useful applications for iPhone and Android, which will facilitate, brighten and improve the quality of life of a modern woman. And the fact that a modern woman has an appropriate gadget-we have no doubt!


If counting calories and, in General, a healthy lifestyle for you is associated with something boring, monotonous and even repulsive, it is unlikely that you use the calorie counter from FatSecret.  This application can not, strictly speaking, be attributed solely to the calorie counters. Instead, it is an easy to use organizer of a healthy lifestyle. Once you have specified the available parameters and the desired results, you regularly refer to the application to determine whether you are following the right path. All components of the counter are built so conveniently and thoughtfully that there is no difficulty to find the right product or dish, count the calories collected or spent and determine the next steps. What is particularly attractive is an extensive database of product names, names of dishes, brands: the application has an alphabetical index, popularity rating, distribution of well-known food chains.

Vivino Wine Scanner

Without much difficulty, without attending special master classes, it is unexpected for everyone to discover the talent of a sommelier-perhaps with the application Vivino Wine Scanner. This application will allow in a matter of seconds to determine the year, region, grape variety.  The app is easy to use: take a picture of the label and, in the blink of an eye, Vivino Wine Scanner will give an answer, and adding to its facts about the drink, ratings, interpretation of the bouquet. The authors of the application claim that their virtual collection has more than 500,000 copies. However, if someone manages to surprise the scanner and take a picture of something that has not yet got into the group, the authors promise to explore the find by hand. By the way, the application gives you the opportunity not only to discover new information about wines, collect your virtual wine library but also to share your wine finds with friends.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a godsend for those who do not have enough time to go to the gym regularly. With this application, a gym can be organized at home. Download the app, determine the desired result-harmony, strength, tone, etc. − and a personal trainer from Nike Training Club will tell you a set of exercises, intensity and training time. To avoid any doubts that the task is performed correctly, you should see photos and videos. During the practice, you can select music from your music library. To increase motivation Nike Training Club has prepared awards and trophies for the participants. No effort, achievement, victory over yourself will not remain without attention and encouragement. All the results are tallied, the highest performance will be awarded separately. It is important to note that Nike Training Club is not only a sports app but also a community club, where you can show your records to other participants, compare the intensity of training, discuss issues that arise in the process of exercises.


This application creates a complete body map on which to mark all the moles. Each mole should be accompanied by a photo of the application identified, it is a danger or not. There are three degrees of danger, and if the risk is high, a doctor’s visit is recommended. Also, all moles have their history with the dates of change or appearance.


The forum application is designed to monitor health, cycle, mood changes, and discuss any urgent problem. Audience Flo grows to a million monthly users. Statistics show that a hundred thousand girls a month manage to get pregnant. Most recently, the application has invested Natalia Vodianova.

Eve Period Tracker

Application from the creators of the famous tracker female cycle Glow. Here you can communicate with other users, note the dynamics of mood, health, and well-being. It turns out an extensive database of all the changes occurring in the body, which will be useful to you and the doctor.

Breast Check Now

The app reminds you of the importance of regular mammography. It is essential to leave the data on all breast tests that will help at the doctor’s appointment.