Healthy Recipe Ideas for Busy Single Parents

With so much research correlating proper nutrition with strong growth and development, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about providing balanced meals for their children.  Single parents are especially troubled as they don’t always have the time to cook fresh meals from scratch.  Below are five quick, affordable and healthy recipes perfect for your hectic schedule.

–         Breakfast for Dinner: Prepare eggs as desired; serve with Canadian bacon, whole wheat toast and a fresh fruit slice.

–         Veggie Burgers with Roasted Ranch Fries: Broil or grill veggie burgers as directed (your kids will never know the difference!); pre-heat oven to 375, slice potatoes in strips, brush with olive oil and toss in ranch dressing powder mix, bake for 20 minutes; serve with a healthy veggie.

–         Taco Night: Brown extra-lean ground beef and drain all fat, place in hard or soft taco shells topped with cheese; serve with fresh green beans and rice.

–         Homemade Healthy Pizza: Using store-bought pizza crust, top with healthy tomato sauce, low-fat cheese and your choice of fresh toppings: diced chicken, peppers, fresh tomatoes, or any other veggies your kids prefer.

–         Chicken Fingers and Veggies: Use store-bought breading to coat chicken tenderloins, bake in oven 25 minutes at 350 degrees, or until golden brown; serve with cauliflower and cheese.

These quick and easy recipes are packed full of nutrients and are sure to keep your kids happy and healthy!

    1. The egg in the shape of a heart. To make this egg — minute concern. Put a boiled egg in a boat made of paper, press it into the top sticks, secured with a rubber band. More effective to do it with eggs, cooked boiled.


    1. Golden egg. Before you cook the egg, shake, shake it 2-3 minutes.

boiled egg

    1. A pizza cutter as a regular knife. Children’s portion should be cut into small pieces. If you’re going to use for this purpose a round pizza cutter, a child fascinated eat all…

a pizza cutter

    1. Beautiful cookie in cocoa. Decoration in a million! Also the star of an Apple and an orange perfectly complement the tea. Very nice to drink decorated thus drinks, to say nothing about the baby.


    1. Pancakes and scrambled eggs in unusual forms. Go particularly well in children pancakes cooked in small moulds, made as if for cookies.

pancakes for kids

    1. Healthy snacking in pretty packaging. Fruit will be eaten much more readily if they are so filed. What is interesting: in one wing of the butterfly, you can put something very useful in other candies or cookies. All will be eaten!

healthy snack

    1. Playful sliced tangerine. Or Mandarin oranges can be cut so that it is easy to eat it.

how to cut Mandarin

    1. Healthy ice-cream. Ice cream with yogurt to make a ridiculously simple — just insert inside the packaging, the wand and stick the yogurt in the freezer. Voila!

ice cream yogurt

    1. No nerves about the extra spots! Putting on the stick paper, you will protect the hands and clothes of the baby from the drops of melted ice cream.

melted ice cream

    1. Fruit platter. Beautifully laid out fruit and beckon to take a bite…

fruit platter

    1. Substitute fries. Just enough to chop the carrots into oblong slices, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and send in the microwave. 10-15 minutes will be ready the delicacy, the taste is not different from French fries! Useful and tasty food is an art.

carrots for kids

    1. Unusual sandwiches. That’s where parental imagination can roam without any restrictions!

sandwiches for kids

    1. Neat pancakes. The pancakes turned out neat and not blurred, pour the batter into the bottle. Children appreciate neatness, show that for you is also important, and you will grow a real neat.

the dough in the bottle

    1. Fun pancakes. There are many special forms for fancy pancakes and even a special frying pans, creating a miracle. From this pancake the kid will be delighted!


    1. Order above all else. Baby cereal is very easy to store in containers of cocoa, dried cream and other bulk products.


    1. A sandwich in the baggie. Picked up and ran — it is not necessary to think about all sorts of plastic containers and messy plastic bags. Taking care of the baby, you will teach him to care for others.

sandwich package

    1. Juice not bottled. Wrapping the glass in plastic wrap, you can safely insert the tube. The child is happy to drink and nothing to spill.

the juice in the package

    1. Life hack for busy parents. Using two conventional plates can be easily cut tomatoes and grapes in half. In one fell swoop!

how to cut tomatoes

    1. Hashbrowns in the waffle iron. New famous dishes! But what if the waffle maker to try to make an omelet?

hashbrowns in the waffle iron

    1. Ripe bananas. Unripe bananas can easily make sweet and ripe — you can simply place them in the oven for a few minutes.

ripe bananas

    1. How to save the cake. The cake does not dry up, if you overlaid incised edges of the bread slices, fixing them with toothpicks.


    1. Experiment! Use your imagination and miracles will start to happen. To try and do something that will amaze your child, is such a pleasure.

children's meal

    1. Bento. In Japan all carry Bento — containers for food. That’s what kiddies like! My son loves boxes with lids and multiple compartments that can be folded a variety of foods. Successfully designed capacity for food catching up with the children’s appetite.


    1. Food fun. Playing with food is possible, but only according to the rules of the parents. The idea is just super!

how to make a kids dish

    1. The little chef. The appointment of an experienced parent that cooked by yourself will want to eat! Prissy child to cooking, and problems with appetite and whims during a meal would be considerably less. You can start even from a very young age — 2 years the baby will easily make a sandwich from prepared ingredients.

little chef

Food for babies should be a joy! Parents need to always remember that quarrel, shouting, coercion during meals is not allowed. This not only disrupts the digestion, suffer the psyche of the baby. Better be good and hungry he asks is, everything would be better.