Oligohydramnios: Low Amniotic Fluid – When amniotic fluid is too low

Complications & Cesareans | Oligohydramnios: Low Amniotic Fluid When Koni Howard was 25 and pregnant with her second child, she sensed something wasn’t quite right. The Oak Ridge, Tenn., mother wasn’t gaining much weight, and at 36 weeks into the pregnancy, was continuing to measure small for the baby’s due date. “Unlike my first baby, [my second child] hardly ever moved,” she says. “I had a feeling there might be a problem.” Oligohydramnios is often the result of a tear […]

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Complications & Cesareans | having a C-section is one of the last things you want to think about

Just in Case of a C-section Meghan Rodberg never expected that her second labor would end in a Cesarean birth. After all, her first child had been born vaginally. But just in case, Rodberg, of Boston, Mass., included preferences for Cesarean in her birth plan. She was glad she did. “When my arms were strapped down in the OR, I was too drugged and exhausted to protest,” Rodberg says. “My husband and doula remembered that I’d specified in the plan […]

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Complications & Cesareans | Get tested for group b strep to protect your newborn

Complications & Cesareans – Managing Group B Strep Dawn Fox of Mount Juliet, Tenn., had a 3-month-old daughter when she became pregnant again at the age of 26. Her second pregnancy, like her first, was uneventful and without complication. When she went into labor, during her 39th week, all of that changed. Fox was running a high fever and her baby began to show signs of distress. An emergency C-section was performed and soon after the delivery, it became clear […]

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