They forgot to tell me some things…

My child gets older. Way of 21 months is already forging his personality. He is a very cheerful and very active child. His father and I agree that he has brought out the best and the worst of our genes. However, since I knew I was going to have a child, I assumed things I should never have done and now I am paying the consequences. I explain: They told me that the tantrums started at 2 years old. However, we have been dealing with them for a […]

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6 Things to Know When Your Baby Starts Crawling

Crawling is a important stage when your baby becomes stronger, learn the surroundings, improve visual skills and improve physical abilities. Crawling is a natural ability most babies automatically learn. But there are some babies who start crawling between 6-9 months, even in some cases the baby had never learning to crawl. In the normal crawl, baby will start learning how to balance using his hands and knees. Then baby will learn how to move forward and backward by pushing off with […]

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Providing Protection-Breastfeeding and Allergies

Providing Protection | Through Breast Milk Breastfed babies are provided with protection from developing allergies during the breastfeeding period and well into the future for two major reasons, says Ann Russell, IBCLC, of Poway, Calif. “[Breastfed] babies are exposed to fewer allergens in the first months of life, and secondly, the first feedings of colostrum literally ‘seal the gut’ (the porous lining of the intestines), providing a barrier to the absorption of allergy-producing agents.” Additionally, both colostrum and Mother’s mature […]

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