6 Things to Know When Your Baby Starts Crawling

Crawling is a important stage when your baby becomes stronger, learn the surroundings, improve visual skills and improve physical abilities.

Crawling is a natural ability most babies automatically learn. But there are some babies who start crawling between 6-9 months, even in some cases the baby had never learning to crawl.

In the normal crawl, baby will start learning how to balance using his hands and knees. Then baby will learn how to move forward and backward by pushing off with his knees. Then, he will be strengthening the muscles that will soon enable him to walk.

Here are 6 things you must know when your baby learning to crawl.

1. Every baby has a different growth rate. Each child will begin to crawl when he is ready. If your baby can’t crawl when he reached 9 months, then you should discuss it with your pediatrician to find out his health of motoric development.

2. There are some people who tried to lure his baby to start crawling by putting toys away to reach. Actually, you don’t necessarily push baby to learn crawling. Because basically, baby will start move his body to crawling when he feels ready.

3. When the baby starts to move, he will use his stomach. He will probably try to learn moves back and forth by using both hands to move, while his stomach remains stick to the floor. Later, the babies will try to wake up with his feet and hands, swaying slightly. He would move slowly with feet and hands, try and learning to master the movement until he start crawling.

4. At this stage, when your baby is able to reach objects, you must be alert to things around him. Secures things that could fall on him, save your fragile items from his reach, without your have to block the baby’s natural curiosity of the objects he saw.

5. Make sure when baby learning to crawl, the floor of the house always clean, and there are no small dangerous objects that can be swallowed.

6. If your home has stairs, whether it is access to the upper floor or down floor, you should install a security fence to ensure the baby doesn’t try to climb up. Make sure the stairs is safe enough so you can feel calm while your baby learning to crawl.