Worried About Conceiving? Simple changes can increase your chances of conception!

Preconception – Trying to Conceive. Worried About Conceiving?                                                                                 Moms want the best for their babies. From quality skin care products to a baby-proof home, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your child is healthy. But all […]

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10 Myths About Conceiving – falsehoods that could hold you up

Preconception – Trying to Conceive – 10 Myths There was a time when I used to think I could get pregnant anytime I didn’t use birth control. I remember my high school sex-ed class: “You can get pregnant the very first time you have sex.” “You can never be too careful – the first time you decide not to use contraception could be the time you get pregnant.” After a lot of “anti-pregnancy conditioning,” I slowly started to see my […]

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Upping the Odds – Doing Your Best to Conceive

Preconception – Trying to Conceive Planning to conceive a baby means different things to different women. Marlene Vickers quit smoking cold turkey. Gail Myers gave up alcohol and caffeine. Angela Peterson started drinking more water and avoided being near cigarette smoke. They all saw their OB/GYNs or family doctors and began taking prenatal vitamins – essential steps in preparing to conceive. Preconception Counseling “Preconception counseling is an essential element in attaining the goal of a healthy pregnancy and birth,” says […]

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